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[Info] Netherlands Fellowship Programmes


Türkiye scholarships consist of these opportunities:

■For Associate Students 282,50 USD per month
■For Undergraduate Students 282,50 USD per month
■For Master’s Students 423.75 USD per month
■For Ph.D. Students 565 USD per month

Türkiye Scholarship students can stay in public university dormitories without paying any fee. Students who do not want to stay in these dormitories can use other housing possibilities on their own expenses.

Tuition and Fees
Türkiye Scholarship students do not pay any tuition or university fee for education.

Health Expenses
Türkiye Scholarship students are covered by public health insurance.

Turkish Language Course
Türkiye Scholarship Students take Turkish language course for one year if they do not have proof of Turkish Language knowledge. Turkiye Scholarship students who study in other languages instead of Turkish must also take Turkish Language Course.

Türkiye Scholarship students will get a certain amount of money for their transportation expenses at their first arrival to Türkiye and departure after graduation from Türkiye.

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