Pengumuman Akhir OPREC MITI Klaster Mahasiswa Periode 2014-2015
Pengurus Masyarakat Ilmuwan dan Teknolog Indonesia Klaster Mahasiswa Periode 2015

Jakarta [MITI KM NEWS] – MITI KM got a surprise at the end of 2014. Through the judgement of the national best OKP (Youth Organization) program,  MITI KM as one of the youth organizations in Indonesia, got the second place on the community category. This program was held by the Deputy of Youth Empowerment of the Indonesian Youth and Sport Ministry. Obviously, it was not easy to get this award, it needed a great cooperation among all staffs and members of MITI KM, in the preparation, said Heru Edi Kurniawan, the chief of MITI KM.

The judging process by the ministry were being done in several steps, including the administration evaluation, the organization’s prime programs evaluation, factual finding activities evaluation, and presentation scoring, which was the last scoring step. On the field evaluation, the judging team from the ministry were visiting MITI KM’s headquarter in Alam Sutera, Tangerang – Banten, a couple months ago. On this visit, there were also some discussion between the judging team and MITI KM’s staffs.


Located in The Pita Giri Hotel – Jakarta, on the 18th of December 2014, the last judging step was done to all the nine OKP finalists from all over Indonesia. All the finalists were presentating their organization profile to the judges, in english. Suci Latifah and Uswatun Hasanah were representating MITI KM, presenting all about MITI KM to the judges, also in english. The event which started from 9 in the morning until 10 pm, gave a sweet victory to MITI KM since we were announced as the second winner of the community category and also got a certificate and some grant from the ministry. The first winner was from Korps Alumni Pemuda Nusantara and the third winner was PIKRC. “MITI KM is very interesting, because it can combine technology, society, and student. I think this is amazing”, said one of the judges from the ministry.

This event, to score the best youth organization around Indonesia, is held every year to celebrate the Sumpah Pemuda day, as one of the youth movement assessment steps, so that Indonesian youth can be more spirited in welcoming the upcoming MEA. Since, only those youth with fresh ideas and high spirit, who can make a change. (MIF/USW)

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